Our site is coach/teacher/administration friendly and is very simple to use. Just create your free profile by telling the system who you are and what your primary and other roles are. Then start connecting and interacting with other coaches, teachers, and administrators across the country!

For Coaches and Teachers

Once you have your profile created, feel free to add as much info and credentials about yourself as you like. The more complete your profile, the higher you will rank in our system. This allows you to get more opportunities to be found by Admins looking to fill coaching and teaching jobs, as well as finding jobs that fit your credentials!

We want our users knowing that CoachesConnect.com is THE online community for coaches and teachers of all levels to connect and interact with each other! Just like with other online & social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users can login daily to the site (or mobile site) and connect and interact with others just as you would on other social websites. By telling our system what states you can teach in and what subjects and grades you are eligible to teach, we can then use that data to allow Admins to do targeted searches for exactly the right coach or teacher that has the coaching and teaching requirements needed.

Once you are logged in, you will have the ability to navigate throughout the site. The home page will feature a live feed with lots of great info geared towards your profile. Once you have enough connections, that live feed will be powered by the post of your friends, connections, and groups you follow.

For Administrators

As an Administrator, you can still post your job openings for compliance purposes if needed. However, even with a job posting the administrator usually still has to spend countless hours filtering out a large percentage of the job post replies because they do not have the teaching requirements needed that goes with the coaching position. We want Admins to be able to do a specific, targeted search for the exact teaching and coaching requirements that are needed!

For Everyone

CoachesConnect.com is the Premier Online community for coaches and teachers of all levels to connect and interact with one another all across the country! We are using this social platform to help solve the outdated hiring process by bringing it all together in one place and by allowing Admins to do a targeted search based on teaching requirements! Come join now for free, and start connecting with other teachers and coaches today!

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